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  • Righteous Vs Unrighteous Anger

    Anger is an emotion that each one of us experiences as a reaction to injustice or sin that is done to us. To the Christian, there are two types of anger: righteous anger and unrighteous anger. Anger is an important emotion. It helps us identify injustice and respond to it. Examples in...
  • A Big Contradiction

    In the period when the 1st world war was taking place a British soldier is standing guard. The British have marked their territory using some trenches. As he was standing guard on high alert he can hear some sounds through the leaves He stands facing the direction in which he...
  • Eighteen

    My name is Jake, I am 20 years of age and I’ve been through a lot; it’s not that I’m older enough to say that my hair is turning grey. NO! I just celebrated my 18th birthday recently. I mean, at eighteen, everything seems possible, the future is pregnant, or...
  • Whose Image Is Inscribed On You?

    In Mathew 22:15- 22 and Mark 12: 13-17 the Bible records an encounter Jesus had with the Pharisees asking if they should pay taxes to Caesar. Just to give you a little of context, the taxes they referred to were unpopular; just like today. Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Value Added...

    I will make a friendI will visit you in hospital or in prisonOr wherever you may beYou do not know meAnd I do not know youBut I…I will make a friendI will find you on the streetsEven before you say anythingI will offer you water and foodBecause I…I will be...

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