Finishing Strong

At times I wonder what it means to be tired with life
I see through it every step of the way
Wondering what to do and wondering where to go
It’s tiring to see oneself suffer with no solution
Do you know what we call it?
The insanity of life
Since everyone knows I am finishing strong.

I live in wonder taking charge of what I live for
Because I hear maisha Ni milima Na mabonde
But what more should I say
That life is a bed of roses by the sea relaxing on a hammock?
Clearly I will be lying to myself
Deceive and deceit as they call it
Clearly with your own eyes you can see I am finishing strong

You can only imagine the danger that lies ahead of us
Since they say the more saved you are the more temptations you face
But you are left asking yourself
…or false?
Just imagine this and try to reflect on life
Because I know you are imagining I am finishing strong

Imagine me in an I.C.U bed lying there waiting for the so called `pervert’
As they call him… a doctor
You give him a name that does not half describe him
Taking by the fact that I do not agree
But have you ever thought you kill that future doctor
Because I am sure that I am finishing strong

Imagine a leaping athlete 1992 Olympics Derek Redmond managing to finish a race course
Helped by the father… what love!
The crowd with celebrity love gives a standing ovation

I would also love a standing ovation  you know

Because sure enough I am finishing strong