Life from Jesus Tears

John 11:35
The shortest verse in the Bible which is very significant to our lives.
Jesus wept when he arrived and found that his friend Lazarus had died.
During this event the people had different responses some lacked faith and asked
‘’could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?’’
The bible conveys to us that he wept because he had sympathy.
When Jesus saw her weeping and the Jews who had come with her also weeping he was deeply troubled and moved in spirit. [vs33]
Being deeply moved he sympathised with the mourners and called out to Lazarus to come to life.
Religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus therefore they were ignoring an impressive miracle.
They thought he was upsetting the whole world and therefore concluded callously that he should die.
Jesus came to give us life a one syllable word that too many swollen with meaning.
The news came to Jesus to be there fast. Lazarus is sick and without your help he will not last.
Mary and Martha watched their brother die. They Waited for Jesus he did not come they wondered why?
The death watch was over buried 4 days. Somebody said he’ll soon be here the Lords on his way.
Lord if you were here you could have healed him he’d still be alive.
But you are four days late and all hope is gone.
Lord we don’t understand why you waited so long.
But his way is God’s way not yours or mine, and isn’t it late that when he’s four days late he is still on time.

When Jesus weeps
When Jesus weeps there is a hope of life.
He weeps to breathe life to us.
Most of the times when we think we are faced with an imbalance in our lives we think the Lord has refused to fulfil his objectives.
Even when you think he is late he is still on time.
He is prepared to see how much faith you have when he keeps you on a wait.
When he keeps you waiting be prepared for better things than you could ever imagine.
Be prepared for a great miracle.
If the sky is the limit for you he will make your go high.

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