By your love

It was his love for me
And not the nails
That held him to the cross
Even though we persecuted denied and mocked
His love for me stI’ll stood
Strong and caused
the very painful death
Cause he died for my pain
The very shameful death
Coz he took away all the shame
And that says it
Now I am free
Changed healed,freed,forgiven
All my shame,fear and sin
All went down to the drain
My burden got lighter
Then was taken away
At the cross
That is when I realized
The significance and the power
Of the words in John 3:16
That you so loved
Me that you gave your son to die
On the old rugged cross for me
Even in my rebellion
Of choosing the world over you
Choosing death over life
Disaster over prosperity
But when I believed
I left everything behind
And choose to follow you
And seek life

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