I will run without my jacket

My father made me

a coat of many colours

because i was

his favourite

My brothers

disliked me

and sold me to Egypt

then lied to my father

that i was killed

by a wild animal

It was when

i was in potiphars house

that she seduced me

and asked me to bed

Though the many trials

i had gone through

i did not lose my integrity

i kept my faith in God

So when i let go of her

i left my jacket with her

i took off

and ran without my jacket

I become a prisoner

because i ran without my jacket

leaving with potiphars wife

who lied i tried to rape her

I will not forget my integrity

but i will run without my jacket

it would rather remain in the hands

of potiphars wife

than i forgetting who i serve

I will take off my jacket

and go without it

for all I know

is who i live for

Temptation my way

it comes and goes

i will run without my jacket

for i know who i am

Without  my jacket

i will run

knowing who i am

and whom i serve

i will take off.