A human being!

In the begining was the word

and the word was God

he created the world

and everything in it

which was before once

formless and desolate

he then saw that…

somethings missing !

this was man

he created man

and left him in control

of everything in the universe

but God saw

this man was lonely

and decided to create

she the woman

which means

from the flesh of man

she was given a fruit

a fruit from the tree of evil

likewise known

the fruit of deception

the woman being called EVE

which means she is

a life giver

she gave life

to you and me

accept it or deny it

but thats a fact

but there is one more person

the one who was first created

the man whose name is Adam

which means a human being

a simplehuman being

and thats what you and me are

instead of Eve now her name is compassionate

compassionate because she felt

it for you and gave life to you

if she felt nothing

then alll the same you would be nothing

i mean no   thing

just because you

are a simple  human being

only a  human being