Lest I be like Jonah

Lord send me to Nineveh
And let me go
And lest I be like Jonah
And go to Tarshish
Reveal it to me

Let me get off sinking ships
And when the sea is calm
Let the crew praise you
For you are Lord
Who calms the storm

Lest I be like Jonah
Send the fish
Let me stay in it’s belly
That when I repent
I may go as your messenger

Lord when I go
Make the people whole
When they repent
Let them see your grace
But keep me from complaining

When I hide under a tree
And it dries up that I am
Beaten by the scorching sun
Let me praise you
And not the creation

When I find prosperity
Let me see the meaning of life
When I find hopelessness and despair
Make me to make meaning with life
And not pronounce my own death sentence.