My friend for keeps

I was looking for a way

but I found none

i realized that the devil

creeped into my idle mind

and put garbage in

now garbage out

i got into facebook

and hooked up with his friends

on twitter

i followed his friends

on linked in

connected to his colleagues

on whatsapp

on a group with his friends

when Jesus saw this

he brought me closer to him

he gave me a piece of advice

your company is the worst

it is a place where i am not

and where i am not is just hell

when Jesus saw this

i realized he was not on facebook

but all the sugestions i got

for friends

were his mutual friends

he is not on twitter ,instragam or any blog

but i realized he has the most followers

so i followed him to know

the best company to keep

he is not on whatsapp

but the groups I am now

just preach more and preach about him

i aso realized he was always online

on linked in

my profffesional network was labelled

follower of Jesus

I dropped my bad company

i lost many friends

but i knew it was for the better

persecuted and made fun of

but still holding on to you


when i need food

you are the bread of life

when i need water

you are the living water

when i need cover

you are my shelter in the storm

you are just what i need

coz you are my friend for keep