Recently I was imagining a class I am doing in it’s rightful setting.
I am doing a management unit as an elective.
I have always been disturbed by the impractical nature of our 8.4.4 system at any level whatsoever.
The last time I was tested practically was in my K.C.S.E – Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination. This was in Chemistry and physics things I don’t see myself ever using in life. If you think I am wrong tell me how I will use mole concept and test for salts. Dear Education Reforms Bored…
Someone may claim the language we learnt is practical because that is what we speak but I never did a speaking practical in English and Kiswahili. I only did one in French. If you wanted to bring out your prowess in language you were told to join the journalism club in school. I did exactly that because I realized I could write and also to show off my Swahili – which up to date is way better than my English despite being fluent in both. Dear Education Reforms Bored…
Away from the rant. I was sitted one day and I imagined the lecturer of my management class saying
“Last week we formed some groups didn’t we?”
Then we all nod our heads in response as one person says “Yes we have groups.” – This one person has to be there. At times it’s me or you because university students cannot open their mouths to speak. They only speak when they want CAT or assignment dates pushed.
“In your groups I want you to head to the cafeteria we will be having our class from there”, she says
There is no one who cannot be thrilled about an out of classroom lesson.
So we stand as we go and we are talking much saying everything and nothing. Even when people are talking gibberish there has to be that one person who just has to bring studies or the lecturer into the picture. The one who says
” kwani lec ameamua nini Leo?”
Or “Do we have another CAT? When is the group work due?”
So we arrive at the cafeteria and the teacher points out that we will be learning from the Managing Director-M.D of the Cafeteria. Hence we relax and plan as a group what we want to ask. Each group will have a facilitator that will control how the group will be handled. So other groups, return to class as others chill at the universities freedom corner.
The group I am in has the coolest people in the class so we go last .
We introduce ourselves and get to interact with the M.D.
The M.D is a super woman who is very strategic in the manner she does business.
We love her business style to an extent that we get thrilled enough to think of starting our own businesses.
The class was amazing. Take me back.
Back to life.
This will however remain a dream until the day we decide to change the manner we teach or learn.
It is just an imagination and if no one suggests that a management class can be in the field surrounded by managers then we will remain in class.
The only time we will get to interact with managers is when we get employed -which might also never happen- and are working under one.
Dear Education Reforms Bored…