Ministry of presence

Our generation has changed
I mean technology has replaced our friends and family
Many times I ask someone a question
They tell me Google is your friend
Technology has ruined us
We love Mac books, galaxy notes and  I pads
But we do not know how to write
We disposed of letter writing techniques
We no longer write good CVs
Instead, we need to communicate via social media
That has now become an idol
We love I pads, I phones and going to I max but we have no vision
We keep calling others blind but we cannot see
I mean we cannot even SEE our blessings
That is why it is difficult for us to count them
The moment we shifted from using our eyes
To using I technology we lost sight
That is why we will keep asking Go
To heal our children born blind
Without realising we are infecting them
The moment we shifted from using notebooks and notepads
To note, book and pad technology
We lost our literacy skills
Yet we complain our children don’t know how to read and write
Let me explain it
We spend more time using our laptops and phones
Then we complain the light is affecting us
Yet while using these gadgets, we did not consider
That the light is too much
That aside we are always online
That is why we have dysfunctional families
Yet we cannot see that
Hence we call a member a black ship
Because we just know them we do not understand them
I used to see a beautiful quote
A family that prays together, stays together
Yes they are all in the same house
But they just don’t stay together they only live together
That says it all don’t you see
The moment we shifted from we to I
The world to I
The world lost care
We love too much salt in our meals
But we fail to be salt to the world
We love the light in our houses
But we fail to let our light so shine before men
We are a world of contradiction
So let our faith be sight
And let God have his way in our lives
Therefore let’s get things straight again
Then we will mould our lives, society, family and church


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