Embracing Diversity

Black and white, light skin, dark skin, chocolate and melanin. African, Asian, American, African-American, Hispanic, European and Australian. English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German and Pidgin. Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Poor, Middle class and rich. Single, married, widowed, divorced and separated. Tall and short. Introverted, ambivert and extrovert. Male and female.
You must be wondering where I am going with this or you have probably read the title or not so you know, I am talking about diversity.
According to dictionary.com diversity is the state or fact of being different or unlike.
It is the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, colour, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and so on.
It is the aspect of multiformity NOT uniformity.
Uniformity is the aspect of being alike in the above-aforementioned characteristics.
In this case, we are talking about that which is different. Imagine if we all were female… who would marry and who would be married? Imagine if we all spoke German where would the pride of tribe and language be. Imagine if we were all short who would fix the bulb. Imagine if we all were extroverted what noise would there be? Imagine if we all were black… imagine if we all were white…
Imagine if we were all rich, would we know what it means to lack and to give? Imagine if we were all poor, would we know what it means to have? Imagine if we were all the same, what would we then learn from each other?
I live in a country that has 42 tribes. The country of Kenya. The pride of Africa. We have 42 tribes whose dialects are totally different. Some of these tribes whose clans such as the Abaluhya and the Mijikenda. Some pronunciations of words are different within the same tribe depending on where one comes from such as the Agikuyu of Central Kenya. The Agikuyu of Muranga have a different tongue from the Agikuyu of Nyeri and also from the Agikuyu of Kirinyaga.
Among the Luhya, the Abukusu and the Wanga do not understand each other’s languages.
We are different and distinct but that doesn’t mean we cannot understand each other.
We need to learn to embrace our differences as individuals. We can benefit from the fact that we are different, that our personalities and physical make up is different. If we think we are the best because of our skin colour then we are making a mistake. We are different so that we can help each other. How sorry would it be if you turn and see another version of yourself Nothing different! Completely. You look at someone and they have similar eyes to yours and so goes for the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and cheeks.
Safaricom says when we come together we can do great things but I add because we are different! We are putting different skills, different efforts and different ideas together.
You must be bored by now so I will close by saying this if all were teachers, who would drive the school bus? If all were teachers, who would cook the school meals? If all were teachers who would make the desks and chairs? If all were teachers who would be in the hospitals? If all were teachers who would repair the cars? If all were teachers, who would sell bread to the teachers?
Our diversity is a weapon of protection, embrace it.

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