The residents of Mamboleo village have never been angered as they have been in the past few days. Since the beginning of the year, they walk in fear, thinking they might be the next person to die from the bullet. Why is their village so insecure? They ask.

Hatuwezi endelea na kazi maisha yetu yapo hatarini.” This words came from Jaxo the guy who owns Satellite butchery.

Tangu mauaji yaanze, nimekuwa nikifungua biashara yangu ndogo na jua. Kabla mauji yaanze nilikuwa nafungua duka yangu kabla 6:00 asubuhi. Tunaomba serikali kusuluhisha mambo haya.” Grace a grocer said this words painfully.

This have been the cries of the residents and workers in Mamboleo village. They do not understand why their residents are dying daily. They do not understand why they have to live in fear even after several cases have been reported to the police. In fact, they do not understand why they are doing when a policeman lives among them. They have resulted to begin a revolution, they will be going to the chief’s office together.

Paul Mwisya is a policeman who despite the insecurity in Mamboleo village wakes up early, leaves his house and heads to his station of work the Mamboleo police station which is one and a half kilometres away from his house, a rusty shed made of tin.

Every day while taking a slow walk he thinks about his life.

“This pistol loaded to fight for a country that doesn’t even appreciate my efforts. Look at Mamboleo village. Poor people. Another will die today, another tomorrow and even the days to come. They are surrounded by a corrupt government and poor systems. So today they will be at the chief’s office. Let them come. Nothing will change. They want me to defend them so that I may die just like them. Never! Even when they all die, I will find another job at another post. Let them continue making noise.”

Paul arrives at the police station and is welcomed with a question from one of his colleagues.

Vita ya Mamboleo inaendeleaje?”

He responds

Sijui itaisha lini. Hata sijui kama itaisha. Jamaa anaua alafu anatoka mbio. Nikisema nangoja si nitakufa?”

John Marara Kimani is a decent robber. He wears full body suits and a pilot shirt. He walks in Mamboleo village as if he owns it. Residents of Mamboleo know him as a banker at least that is what he told them. They know he works at the country bank in town. He continually talks of how he really wanted to be a rich pilot or a policeman as a child. He speaks fluent English and carries a back pack. He tells them that the backpack has a laptop, a book that he keeps reading and another book that he keeps writing. If you looked at the bag it looks loaded, you wouldn’t doubt it has heavy machinery and yes it does, but not a laptop.

“The pistol and bullets in this bag will kill many. No one will ever know that it is many because I don’t do it in Mamboleo anyway. I go far to execute my plans. I don’t take chances. I cannot afford to let anyone know what I do. The pistols, the bullets, the masks, the gloves, the boots and the overalls that cover all of me. Who will recognize me anyway? Who can identify a man who is covered all over even on a lineup of suspects? Who can recognize a man who disguises himself as a banker? The people of Mamboleo don’t even know me, they only think that they do.”

On arrival at the town, John enters into a house owned by his friend. That is where he sorts out his machinery and sets off in his attire for work as he waits for the dark.

The residents of Mamboleo have arrived at the chief’s office and are there in an effort to bring an end to insecurity in their village.  On arrival, they are met by a policeman with a stern face.

Tunataka kumwona bwana chief.” The Chairman of the Village Welfare Association Mr Kambo says.

Tunataka majibu.” A resident says.

The chief steps out. The policeman moves to allow him to pass. 

“Bwana Chief our village has become insecure.  Someone must die daily by the bullet. We are not sure any more about our lives. We are not sure that when we go home today, we will all arrive safely.” One resident speaks.

“YES!!!” All the residents respond in unison.

“We want answers, we want to know why you haven’t improved the security in our area even after all these happenings.” The village noisemaker says firmly.


“Bwana Chief, something needs to be done. We cannot continue living in fear.” One villager says sternly.

“Our businesses are dying. Will we now die from hunger and by the bullet?”

Tell us.” Few say amongst themselves.

“Residents of Mamboleo village,” the chief begins, “I know you are saddened by the recent injustices among your people.”

“Of course.” One resident shouts

“However, we are doing all we can as the governing authority to ensure that the culprit is brought to book.” The chief says firmly. “Therefore please kindly be patient, we have devised a well-calculated plan to ensure we catch the criminal.”

Mr Kambo says “we will go but we want the criminals brought to book.”

They begin to walk away as they talk amongst themselves.

John Marara thinks to Himself “I should stop pretending I want to remain a robber yet I want to be a policeman. I will do my daily job in a full body suit. What is the worst that can happen? I will shoot someone, I will runau when worse comes to worst-I will be caught.”

John takes his gun, walks out of his friend’s house and begins to walk across the street. He hides in a corner where he can barely be seen waiting to pounce on his target. He can see a man coming from a distance, he puts his gun in a position ready to shoot at his next target. The man continues to draw closer and closer as John waits in anticipation.  The man walks past him and John comes out of his hiding place. He runs to the man and tells him,

“Kneel down!”

“I will give you my phone, my money, my watch my… everything.” The man says in sobs.

“Who said I want your money or your belongings? I don’t need anything from you.”John says angrily.

“Please let me go.” The man begs.

“Today you will die.” John mutters.

He presses the riffle to the poor man’s head then stops. He takes a step back and shoots his back. He watches the man lying in a pool of his own blood. Residents rush to the scene and see a man holding a gun.  They nub him and accompany him to the police station.

Paul the policeman on the hand is thinking “I should stop pretending I want to be a policeman, maybe the people of Mamboleo should know it is me. I probably should catch up with them before they get home.”

Paul walks fast riffle tightly on his waist. He wants to catch up with the village residents who have come from protesting at the chief’s camp. He begins to draw near to the crowds but keeps a safe distance. He takes a mask from his pocket and wears it to cover his face. He holds his weapon at a position and shoots. One lady falls to the ground. All the residents turn back and see someone holding a weapon.

They begin to shout as they chase him as others remain behind to help the lady.

 “We have found him!”


“Catch him!”

He begins to run away from the crowd as he shoots in the air. He seems to be faster than them but leads to the chief’s office. They catch up with him and take off his mask.

“Paul!” They say in shock

“You are the one who has been killing citizens yet you are mandated to protect them?”

“Utalala ndani!”(Today you are sleeping inside.) They take his gun and bundle him up into the chief’s office.

“This is the man who has been killing residents of Mamboleo.” One man says.

“You cannot be serious! … This is a senior police officer!” The chief responds

“Ask Him!” The villager’s respond in unison

“Yes, I am the one,” Paul says slowly.

“This is the man who is to protect us, hear to what he confesses.” One resident responds angrily.

The chief to an officer “Have him arrested and booked for trial.”

The officer puts Paul in handcuffs and takes him away.

Minutes later the angry mob from the town has arrived dragging John to the Police station.

“This is a murderer” a woman utters, “He has killed someone in the town.”

“And he is not afraid, he did not even run.” Another lady from the crowd says.

“Aren’t you John Marara the banker?” one policeman asks

“I am John Marara, I am not banker, and it is true… I killed a man.” John states confidently.

“Come this way.” The policeman says as he walks him into a cell. “You are under arrest, for the murder of the unidentified man. You have a right to remain silent. OK? Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The policeman faces the crowd and says, “You can now go home, we will do our investigation and have him tried in a court of law.”

The crowd walks away murmuring.

Paul and John were jailed and are serving a life sentence. The residents of Mamboleo could now sleep peacefully.

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