Imagine you are walking on a road with Jesus.
You have told him to get ahead that you may not get lost because he knows the way and he is the way.
You follow him at a distance. You don’t want to be very close because in your mind you are having thoughts about diverting. At this point you can’t recall that he knows your every thought, that he knows the depths of your heart.
You have forgotten that when the Pharisees were plotting to kill Jesus and the law the first thing he said was you hypocrites!
It is consciously in you that you are committing sin but in your mind you can get away with it.
So you stop, Jesus who was ahead of you also stops. You ask him why he stops. He says i will never leave you nor forsake you. You are a sinner but I have called you forgiven. No matter how many times you fall i will keep picking you up.

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