Most of us who live in Nairobi have been conned at least once. The unlucky ones have fallen prey to this more times than one in different versions of a con. The skilled artisans as one person called them sound so nice and gentle, very convincing and look harmless.  Some are old hence are people you may feel some compassion for but are being used to trap you so that the actual thieves can do their job.

You may say I am late to the party but at least I watched the Janjaruka series. But we need to grow those 45K views on the series to 100K then 500K then ultimately 1M, hence my review.

Janjaruka series takes us through the story of how Sasha – Rahma Nawery was connned in her quest to get independence. She felt she has had enough of her parents’ house where she feels she can’t breath. Typical of a Nairobi young adult still living in their parent’s house. She sees an advert in the newspaper advertising an SQ for Ksh 15,000 in Lavington. Firstly, who doesn’t want to live in Lavington for only Ksh 15,000; secondly if it is the price to get your independence why not? Lastly as they say, when the deal is too good think twice.

Sasha calls the number that is listed in the advert and she hooks up with a middle-aged estate agent that goes by the name Mrs. Mwaniki – Mary Gacheri. With Mrs. Mwaniki’s convincing tongue she feels her life of independence is about to begin only to realize she has been conned. She has already paid her deposit and paid one month’s rent. The standard Nairobi procedure and a classic Nairobi con.

Sasha then gives the news to her friends Johnny – Charlie Karumi and Kelly – Lulu Wilson. In the environs is Patrick – Blessing Lung’aho who was conned by the same woman in an almost similar manner. Instead of just letting go as most of us do, they followed up the case.

They go through a hullaballoo in a bid to get the woman charged of her activities. In the midst of all that they find lazy policemen, corrupt journalists among many other characters that do not assist them.

They then find that this is a very powerful woman who pays journalists to kill the story that she is a con and police for protection. In the mind they manage to catch her through setting her up for a lucrative bill which she overhears on the next table. Catching a thief using their own devices – so they say.

The series features George Salt as Andrew, Mutinda/Kamau as Tim King’oo, Gerald Langiri, as Sergeant Otieno, Peter Kawa as Mr. Njoro, Joe Kinyua as Jacob, Likarion Wainaina as a Daktari, Bilal Wanjau as Chief Ruto, Lenana Kariba as Joe.

Script editor and translator is Mark Karanja. The talented Aggie Nyagari as director and the part I love the most animations by Randy Kariuki.

A few lessons we can pick from Janjaruka Series

  1. Never buy a house until you have seen that it is real. Don’t even pay the deposit. This applies to most transactions for most purchases you make.
  2. If you can go and see the house with a friend –if Sasha probably went with her friends from the beginning she would have escaped the ploys of Mrs. Mwaniki
  3. For any deal you are getting into so a background check before that. When the friends went to check out the clinic and the law firm Mrs. Mwaniki owns they found out that she actually runs a business of cons.
  4. Never give up – The friends stopped the investigation when they encountered threats but Kelly’s encounter with Mrs. Mwaniki at a restaurant brings them back to it.
  5. If you get a chance to do good do it. When the friends got back the money that Mrs. Mwaniki conned people out of they returned to the contacts they were able to trace that she had stolen from
  6. If someone warns you listen – in episodes 28 and 29 a young man Denno- Hillary Mwangi saw an advert about a search for local actors to Hollywood applying with ksh 3000. His friends had just come from sharing their con stories of how they were duped to apply for jobs with a little facilitation to it. Denno did not listen. He probably got duped wherever he was going.

It is a series worth watching. If you haven’t watched it what are you waiting for?

It is on the youtube Janjaruka Series Channel.

This is one of the hottest Kenyan web series ever produced.

The realest depicting a situation nearly all residents of Nairobi have encountered.

As a person who doesn’t last through most series’ this is exactly what I need.

This is something every Kenyan should see.

On the same Channel there are several con stories featuring different celebrities.

Some conned as they were looking for houses such as Nice Githinji, Nick Ndeda, Ruth Maingi

Some conned out of their talent such As Alan Oyugi, Sauti Sol, Jua Cali, Isaya Evans

Some conned because they were eager to reach their dreams – Sam West, Ainea Ojiambo, Melvin Alusa

Some conned by conniving old men and women – Tamima Ibrahim, Charlie Karumi

Some conned as Children – Mugambi Nthiga and Eric Wainaina

Some conned out of their phones – Lenana Kariba, Muthoni Gitau, Keith Chuaga

Some nearly conned but weren’t – Abel Amunga, Leonard Mambo Mbotela, Lulu Wilson, Celestine Gachuhi

Among many other stories about how different people were conned

Just get to youtube and watch these stories so that you may learn

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