How many of you had outlined your plans for the year—even though not the entire year parts of it?

I did. I had specific plans of what I wanted to do throughout the year very well outlined. I knew I wanted to go on my annual leave a certain time. I had plans to scale higher in my writing. I had plans regarding what I wanted to do at work. I had planned for everything, and I was still making plans before COVID 19 hit our country.

On the 13th of March 2020, the Cabinet Secretary of Health Mutahi Kagwe announced the first case of COVID 19 in our country. No one thought it would escalate until the government disbanded social gatherings, churches were told not to assemble, and schools were closed. Also, cases increased day after day. It sank into our minds and as the Kenyans; we are we love events. We began to think, what about our ruracios? What about our weddings? What about our funerals? What about our jobs? So many possibilities of things we could do, but cannot do or that cannot be done the same way until normalcy returns.

Isn’t it funny how we make and commit to plans?

“We are having a wedding in August”

“I will have lunch with you when you get back”

“I will have cake with you in a month”

Because we don’t know that our lives could turn on a dime.

You probably had your wedding in April, but not the way you wanted it. You probably wanted a dream wedding, but you probably had a wedding with an audience of eleven people like a football club.

I know about ruracios and weddings that have been cancelled because they cannot happen as had been planned.

The day after we were told we can work from home, I was to meet with a friend of mine.

We had to cancel it because she had a meeting at work.

I was to meet with my mentor a week after the first case was reported, but restaurants were not taking sit-ins and even though she was working from home she was swamped with work.

However, there are a few lessons we can learn from this experience.

I believe going through the COVID 19 experience is changing our perspective in life and is informing it differently.

There are some gifts we didn’t know we had until this experience, and we had to call on them.

For me, it is a prompt to take a breather, slow down and take a break. I am always having my hands on things, so COVID 19 slowed me down. Another is that the l plans I had business-wise and talent-wise should be executed. There will not a better time to do it other than now.

I am grateful for this COVID 19 social distancing and quarantine experience because as a Christian and Psychologist it has given me a lesson of life no book could give me.

It has shown me I only need Jesus, food, shelter, clothing, oxygen, sufficient sleep, joy and peace of mind to live.  I am learning to live a day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time; knowing even if I plan God holds my future.

Therefore, I am learning to extend to those who do not have wholeheartedly and with true empathy – whether it is food, clothing, lack of peace, a job, a sick loved one in the hospital or even loss and I can genuinely offer comfort or whatever it is I can because I have lived in uncertain times.

This entire season has given me a refined purpose. I want to work with teens even more closely. I want to reach out to teens even more and walk this journey of life with them. I want to use my writing, especially to empower those young men and women.

The season has also taught me the importance of relational depth. Why I need friends, close friends who will hold me accountable and help me grow. I thought this season would create a distance between me and some people I know. I thought wrong. It has bridged some gaps and given meaning to some of my relationships and brought some people closer.

In conclusion, I believe there is light at the end of this tunnel. I believe there in every situation that seems bad, there is something we can learn. I don’t know what COVID 19 has done for you. Engage, let’s talk. Make me write an article with all your experiences. Shall we?

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