I will make a friend
I will visit you in hospital or in prison
Or wherever you may be
You do not know me
And I do not know you
But I…
I will make a friend
I will find you on the streets
Even before you say anything
I will offer you water and food
Because I…
I will be your friend
I will find you at your point of need
I will offer what I have
I may not seem magnificently rich
But I am rich in within
So I will give the little I have
I will make a friend
You will knock at my door
You will be torn and worn out
I will see sincerity in your face
And I will open for you
I will give you water to drink,food to eat
Clothes to wear, a shoulder to lean on
A roof above your head
And a Bible to read
Because what you have done to the least of these you have done onto him
These friends will know Christ through me
For I am not a Christian because I do good works and charitable deeds
But I do good works and charitable deeds…
Because I am a Christian
Let me explain it
My works do not make me a Christian
But my deeds reflect I am a Christian
So call me Tabitha or Dorcas
And now that you see me alive
You will know the Lord
You will see justice in the prison
Healing in the hospital
A home in the streets
Compassion and strength in your time of need
And eternal life in Christ
You will see a friend
A friend indeed for a friend in need

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