My name is Jake, I am 20 years of age and I’ve been through a lot; it’s not that I’m older enough to say that my hair is turning grey. NO! I just celebrated my 18th birthday recently. I mean, at eighteen, everything seems possible, the future is pregnant, or should I say luminous? Well, it’s one of the best ages that one can’t imagine skipping. During that age, I was able to create memorable events, got to learn new things, socialize with other ages, etc.

Turning 18 has got way more responsibilities than you’d imagine. 18 comes with freedom. Your parents label you as an adult. Well, that’s the blatant truth, “Si umegrow sana!” such remarks are now common inside your medulla. At this age, most teens are either yearning to join campus or longing to have a taste of the new age; we call it second-floor. Eighteen is an age of discovery, it’s a mark of adulthood; goodbye childhood.

By age 18, many teens (you and I), start experiencing mixed-up combinations of excitement and the fear about the future life hit. “Sasa niko na ID, na nikishikwa?” There are a lot of decisions about life and the 18-year-olds will invest more time into thinking about what type of life they want to have since they’re now on their own. Among these questions include, “The type of career path I’ll follow, the type of friends I’ll bond with” among others.

By age 18, both boys and girls will have matured: physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. They have already reached their full heights. Those who have gained some general life skills will often feel ready to move out of their Mamas house, “Sitaki kuitwa Mamas boy tena”, The 18yr-olds want to date, have a bank account, try having sex for the first time, have a taste of alcohol, name them.

The 18yr old boy/girl wants to fit into this crazy-mad world. Nostalgia, happiness, and apprehension bring changes into the life of the 18yr-old. The curiosity makes him/her seek advice from older people and their parents. They now realize that they need golden points on how to survive and navigate into the darker world. They are now open to feedbacks than they were during their 10-16 ages.

At this stage, some questions will overwhelm the 18year-old. “Sasa unapangaje kuhusu life yako?” He\she will think abstractly and become more future-oriented. They are at a point where they can understand, plan and pursue long-range goals.  “Before nifike 27, lazima nikuwe na gari”

Written by Jackson Ngari

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  1. I do appreciate the changes made on this site Jackson…I had trouble leaving a comment last time but now it is perfect.
    And about turn 18,it is true to say one can’t imagine skipping coz it is “fun” if I may use that word,but later we all realize there’s some added responsibility which is necessary but at times annoying

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