A Big Contradiction

In the period when the 1st world war was taking place a British soldier is standing guard. The British have marked their territory using some trenches. As he was standing guard on high alert he can hear some sounds through the leaves He stands facing the direction in which he can hear the sound coming from and points his gun. He is ready but as he looks into the tree line, he can see that there is an individual approaching wearing the German uniform.

Remember the 1st world war had Allies and central powers. United States were part of the allies and Germans were in the team that formed the central powers. So the British soldier is aware that the enemy is approaching. The closer the enemy gets the British soldier recognizes that the individual approaching is wounded and he thinks to himself, I can’t blast a wounded soldier not unless he attacks. Laws of war protect wounded soldiers, they are human beings defending their sovereignty and in their wounded state, as long as they pose no threat they are either taken as prisoners of war or spared if he retreats.  He still is holding his gun in position.

The German soldier as he approaches notices the trenches that have been dug and recognizes big mistake; I am in the enemy territory, so he turns back. When he does he sees the British soldier standing in position with his riffle and resigns to the fate that it is over for him. They look at each other for a good minute then the British soldier drops his gun. At this point the German recognizes that he has just been spared and he walks away.

This German soldier is one Adolf Hitler. The British soldier goes by the name Henry Tandey constantly referred to as the man who spared Hitler’s life. 20 years on Hitler destroys the lives of 6 million Jews.

What a big contrast to Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ was the one man whose life was taken to spare many lives yet Hitler was the man whose life was spared and yet he destroyed so many lives.

We in many ways are like Hitler some good things have been done for us, yet we can’t do the same or in worse cases we do the opposite. We are in no way like Jesus, in fact in many ways we are like Hitler. We may not have killed 6 million but we have killed one. We were involved in taking the life of the most innocent being that was ever conceived and walked this earth -Jesus Christ. Your sin and mine are what held Him to that cross. However, through His death we are forgiven and we can be like Christ, we once were dead in sin but Christ rose again we are alive in Him. He reconciled us to Himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation. By the power of the Holy Spirit we can be pure, blameless as Christ is for on the final day He will present us before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy -Jude 1:24. It was before He gave up His Spirit that He said it is finished.

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