About Me

Lorainne Wangari – Poet & Writer

Do you really want to know who Lorraine Wangari is? You will need to pull a sit, listen, take notes and brainstorm. This page will give you a snippet of who I am in just a glimpse.

I am a writer, I write a lot and I write many things all which you can find in this blog.

I write poems, stories, essays, scripts, articles and so many other works of writing that writers engage in.  I love to say I am a Jane of all trades in writing. I also love to quip my words are on fire, they burn so let them free. I can as well warn you these words will stir something.

I have had the privilege of having my work on several websites and blogs to view  click here

I  do engage in graphic design to complement what I do in writing. It comes in handy when I don’t know what to write.

I am an avid reader. Yes, I read a lot. I read everywhere, I specifically love Christian literature and African fiction.

I love food – my friends say I eat much but don’t grow an inch fatter. Coffee works well for me. I love having fun. It is never a boring day with me.

I love gospel music and oh yes I am born again and love the Lord as my personal saviour.

I am an adventurous soul, some say I do risky things like flying backwards or upside down. You can as well call me a hummingbird. You know what a hummingbird does, it returns to its favourite flower – I return to sanity