Imagine you are walking on a road with Jesus.You have told him to get ahead that you may not get lost because he knows the way and he is the way.You follow him at a distance. You don’t want to be very close because in your mind you are having thoughts about diverting. At this […]


The residents of Mamboleo village have never been angered as they have been in the past few days. Since the beginning of the year, they walk in fear, thinking they might be the next person to die from the bullet. Why is their village so insecure? They ask. “Hatuwezi endelea na kazi maisha yetu yapo […]

Embracing Diversity

Black and white, light skin, dark skin, chocolate and melanin. African, Asian, American, African-American, Hispanic, European and Australian. English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German and Pidgin. Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Poor, Middle class and rich. Single, married, widowed, divorced and separated. Tall and short. Introverted, ambivert and extrovert. Male and female.You must be wondering where […]

Post Campus Direction

Post- campus depression is a situation in which confusion kicks in accompanied by extreme sadness and impaired functioning that recent graduands (and those who are yet to graduate) report after they leave behind the world they created in college. Post – campus depression mainly affects those who are having trouble finding jobs especially to do […]

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