The Bible says in the book of John that the truth shall set you free. When you know the truth it gives you a lot of freedom based on various matters. You know the reality of different matters in life. Even though it hurts, it benefits. DEFINITION OF TRUTHTRUTH is something that is real or […]


INTRODUCTIONJOHN 14:5-6BENCHMARKJESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFEA REAL PLACEREV 4Jesus ascension to heaven is a symbol that heaven is real.ACTS 1:6-11We shall see it if we believe it.1 COR 2:9A REMAINING PLACEJOHN 10:28-29 we belong there.PHILLIPPIANS 3:20-21It is a place of eternity for all who go there because weMATHEW 25:1-3 are citizens […]

Life from Jesus Tears

John 11:35The shortest verse in the Bible which is very significant to our lives.Jesus wept when he arrived and found that his friend Lazarus had died.During this event the people had different responses some lacked faith and asked‘’could not he who opened the eyes of the blind man have kept this man from dying?’’[vs37]The bible […]

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