Eye See I

Our generation has changedI mean technology has replaced our friends and familyMany times I ask someone a questionThey tell me Google is your friendTechnology has ruined usWe love Mac books, galaxy notes and  I padsBut we do not know how to writeWe disposed of letter writing techniquesWe no longer write good CVsInstead, we need to […]

A human being!

In the begining was the word and the word was God he created the world and everything in it which was before once formless and desolate he then saw that… somethings missing ! this was man he created man and left him in control of everything in the universe but God saw this man was […]

Agape Love

I searched for love all my life without realizing i had it i priotize earthly materials not knowing it was sinful perishing, suffering and time wastage a mess of not thinking about you God you with agape love You gave your son Jesus he came with salvation i know i gave back nothing for i […]

The Real Doctor

How can I explain it I tried to get my own ways But how far could I go I tried many remedies But they all failed The pharmacist gave me Mara Moja But I realized he had taken a tall order I was given many medicines and told they work in seconds But to all […]

By your love

It was his love for meAnd not the nailsThat held him to the crossEven though we persecuted denied and mockedHis love for me stI’ll stoodStrong and causedthe very painful deathCause he died for my painThe very shameful deathCoz he took away all the shameAnd that says itNow I am freeChanged healed,freed,forgivenAll my shame,fear and sinAll […]

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